Sanitizing Booth - Model S32

Sanitizing Booth - Model S32

We have designed and manufactured a Sanitizing Booth that will aid in the urgent fight against viruses by practicing, meeting, and complying with hygiene and sanitation needs. Our clothing sanitizing systems provide a hygienic and sterile working environment by releasing a mist of sanitizing spray over the participant. These systems are high-precision, sustainable, cost-effective, user - friendly and easy to maintain.

The sanitizing solution is contained in a tank of water that releases the mist through 20 nozzles when a participant walks through the booth, activating the sensors. This high speed process only takes about 3 seconds per participant.


    Powder Coated Steel

    Enclosed Cabinet (110 Volt Power Source)

    Calcium Inhibitor Filter

    Sanitizing Solution Tank (100 Liters)

    5,000 Walkthroughs per Tank

    20 Misting Nozzles

    Wheelchair Accessible

    48" Wide 90" Tall


    Contact us at +1 877-750-2673 for shipping information.


    Also available in Aluminum or Powder Coated Steel


    One year Structural Warranty after the delivery of the Sanitation Booth. Component warranties depend on the specifications of external manufacturers.